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Church on fire for Christ

Church on fire for Christ

Serving God will be a chore, a burden, if you do it in the energy of your flesh, rather than being endued w/ power! This is how we must serve God: in the energy of the Spirit, rather than the energy of the flesh…it’s not us trying to make something happen, but us allowing something to happen TO us and THRU us, or even DESPITE us!
A church on fire is: I Endued with power v. 8 The pastor. v. 31 The people. We need power to fulfil God’s purpose…we need God’s power, alone. We can accept no substitute. Prayer will lead to growth of some kind. This is not to say you we have to be growing in numbers to be an on-fire church … sometimes God’s plans are beyond our understanding and He has something different in mind…like Spiritual growth! We are a church on fire, moving forward to bring glory to God.

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